Hawaiian form of the name Michael

Men named Mikala tend to be complex and elusive. Two opposing components are included in his name: a strong male tendency: excitable, enthusiastic, assertive and passionate, yet at the same time having a tendency to be internalized, secretive, shy or even inhibited. Be that as it may, it also confers him a certain magnetism of which he isnít always entirely conscious.  Mikala is sensitive to the world around him and he could be a great appreciator of art and beauty or cultivate an artistic hobby.  He is industrious and has remarkable intuitive abilities.  He is often self-taught thanks to his unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

He likes to set an example for others and he doesnít hesitate to employ his innate theatrical talents to this end.  He could even put on a wonderful show of being the odd-man-out, original, eccentric or marginal.  When his intellectual side is predominant, he is likely to be keen on psychology, anthropology, astrology and spirituality.  He professes reactionary views or by contrast, revolutionary convictions, beneath a cynical, critical and sometimes scathing attitude. In matters of the heart, he is fiery and passionate, although not particularly sentimental and can be very generous provided that his authority is recognized and undisputed.  He hopes that his sweetheart will look after him with care and attention.  He is more likely to choose one of the technical fields such as engineering, mechanics, computers, or research.